Adam - Questions

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Here's a list of the questions I asked in the interview.
Just record yourself answering and we'll edit them together.

1. What is your name? Why do you think that is?

2. What color is your favorite food?

3. If your favorite subject in school was a tree, what kind of tree would it be?

4. How old is the tree?

5. Paper or plastic?

6. How much does your head weigh? How much would that cost if it were goat cheese?

7. When you drink water, does it ever turn into blood before you get it into your mouth? Does that bother you?

8. Chewing ice is bad for your teeth, do you chew ice?
a) If so, will you stop it please? It's so annoying!

9. Are you on drugs?
a) What kind of drugs do you like?
b) Where do you buy drugs?
c) Can I have his number?

10. When do you think the world will end?

11. Does your face hurt?



Thanks for starting the Collab Vlog, dude.
This is my dream come true!
Here is a re-post of something i loved as the originial and re-mixed....

Shannon's Virtual Power Ranger is one of my favorite videos ever. So I thought I would, in the spirit of the Exquisite Corps Vlogs, remix it. I hope you will too.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

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I'm adam. This is my first post. It's shite, I realize. I just couldn't bear to have an all text post for the first univlog entry.

Anyhow, this will be a fun thing if we can recruit some good vloggers over here.

It could become a true collaborative vlog, like Mica, Charlene and co.'s Soapy, Squeeze, etc.

It could become a sad little drop-off point for misfit vlogs, not good enough to post on the author's home-vlog.

It could become a place where the best vloggers put their best material.

Let's see...